We are team of new age professionals, who believe climate change is a Real and Big problem. We observed, that some of our day to day habits that we have adopted are not healthy and we do not shy away in accepting that. Let's start with WHAT TYPE OF CLOTHES WE WEAR TODAY. Cheap and Fast Fashion clothing is made from toxic and chemical induced constituents. These are absolutely not worthy for one’s who wear them, not fair for the farmers who grows, and planet EARTH to whom it succumbs .

We, at Pulp, make SKIN & ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY clothing made from 100% premium organic cotton without use of any chemicals and toxic colours and using other alternative sustainable materials that is good for you, and great for the environment. These are approved by GOTS certification. Started with the idea to bring change in fashion habits, stop usage of clothes made from toxic chemicals and switch to #sustainablefashion for a collective good.

Meet Our Team